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The Fighting Season

The Fighting Season


2013-14 Starting Strong Seasons 1 & 2

in production...

2015 Starting Strong Season 3  -

ABOUT STARTING STRONG:  Starting Strong is a reality-styled informative TV-series that provides an overview of Army jobs and Army life by immersing a prospective recruit into Army training in a particular specialty.  This program allows potential recruits an inside look at what life is like in the Army - exposing them to Army training, benefits and the ways in which Army service can translate into successful lives and careers, both within the Army ranks and beyond.  Additionally, it allows prior service Soldiers the opportunity to share their Army experiences and provide mentorship and advice to the next generation of Soldiers.


  • A U.S. Resident
  • 18 years of age or older
  • ARMY ALUMNI:  Prior service Soldier and/or current U.S. Army Reserve Soldier
  • PROSPECTIVE RECRUIT: Those seriously considering Army service
  • Available 1 February - 1 July 2015 (Commitment will only be for 1-2 days)


For more information send a message to info@rickyschroderproductions.com

2015 The Fighting Season

An original  6 part mini series that follows  American Troops while deployed in Afghanistan in year 13 of the longest war in history.  Debuting May 2015 exclusively on DIRECTV

Starting Strong is a partnership between the Army and Ricky Schroder Productions, which debuted on 16 FOX affiliates across the country.
"The new program  gives an authentic 'behind the scenes' look into the Army and some of its 150 military occupational specialties", said Alison Bettencourt, with the Army Marketing and Research Group. "The show is also a unique way to reach the 18-to-24-year olds who the Army would like to recruit", she said.  Participants experience Army life first hand by working one-on-one with Soldiers and then make a decision to join the Army or remain a civilian. 


2013 Our Wild Hearts

A  teenage girl from Malibu falls in love with a beautiful wild mustang while discoing the father she has never known in the wild Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Action, Adventure, Family. adventure,   Hallmark Movie Channel , Arc Entertainment

Projects Directed / Written / Co Produced....

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